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How can you tell if NSK Bearings are fake?

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- Motion IndustriesUnfortunately, it's extremely difficult to spot a counterfeit. If you suspect that you may have purchased a counterfeit, contact the bearing purchaser to report the 

How can you tell if your bearings are counterfeit? - InsightNov 6, 2019 — It may be near impossible to spot counterfeit's, but there are measures you can take. Using apps such as NSK Verify (for precision bearings) and Brand Protection — Stopping Counterfeits | NSK GlobalMost users that receive counterfeit bearings believe that they have purchased genuine products and, not being bearings 'experts', will find it very difficult to tell 

How can you tell if NSK Bearings are fake?
  A G D d L A4 Dz H3
TB-DL-200 - - 28 mm 20 mm - - - -
TB-DL-115 - - 42 in - - - - -
QVVPX14V060SB - - 22.6250 in 16.0000 in - - - -
IR 8477 C - - - 1.772 Inch | 45 Mill - - - -
IR90X100X36-EGS - - - - - - - -
K18X25X14 - - - - - - - -
UEFL209-27NP - - - - - - - -
UCTBL204CB - - - - - - - -
UCTBL204-12CB 25.5 mm M6x1 - - 100 mm 20.5 mm 54 mm 62

How to Recognize Authentic NSK Bearings | NSK Americas BlogDec 3, 2014 — Over the past 12 months we have seen a major spike in counterfeit seizures at the US borders and hope that our continued efforts will reduce the 

Fake Bearings and Bearing Identification – John's MotorcycleMost of us were probably aware that cheap bearings are available on the Internet and So it becomes very difficult for Joe public to tell the difference and most Found in virtually every major car manufacturing assembly, NSK's bearings are Stop fake bearings: WBAIf you suspect that you may have purchased or distributed counterfeits, contact One effective way to identify counterfeit bearings with certainty is with the help of You see, counterfeits can not only cause shutdowns in mills and production NSK cooperated with WBA to develop a new app to combat fake bearings and 

How can you tell if NSK Bearings are fake?
Angular Contact Ball Bearings Flange Block Bearings Mounted Units & Inserts Needle Non Thrust Roller Bearings Pillow Block Bearings
5202-ZZ QVFXP16V070SN UCTBL206-20CB RNAO-40 X 55X20 P/6 QAASN18A085SET
5202 C/2 QMFY15J215SB UCTBL205-15CB B-105;PDL051 QVPH15V207SEB
5202 C/3 QMFY15J211SEB UCNST212 B-108 PDL051 QVVPA11V115SO
5202 NR QVVC22V400SEB UCTBL205CB B-810-OH QVPH15V060SB
5201-2RSNR C/3 QVFXP14V065ST UCNST211 IR 8537 QVPG20V090SEB
5201-2RSNR QVVC19V307SM UCTBL205-14CB B-1010-OH QVPH22V100SB
5202 B QMFY15J075ST UEFL209-27NP JHTT-89;PDL449 TB-DL-112
5201-2RS C/3 QMFL18J303SEC UCTBL204CB IR 8477 C TB-DL-200
5201-ZZNR C/3 QAFX09A112SET UCTBL204-12CB IR90X100X36-EGS TB-DL-115
- - - K18X25X14 QVVPX14V060SB

Counterfeiting - NSK AmericasIf you are unsure please contact us at 1.800.675.4898. What to Look For. HOW TO IDENTIFY AUTHENTIC NSK BEARINGS. The only way to assure you are Problem Solver: Don't get caught out by fake bearings with NSKMay 15, 2019 — Over the past 10 years, custom seizures of counterfeit bearing products have It is for this reason that NSK takes counterfeiting very seriously

NSK Counterfeit bearings — know the risks - ETMMNSK Counterfeit bearings — know the risks. 03.07.2020 Editor: Steffen Donath. Counterfeit bearings are a global issue, with all markets susceptible to the risks The Risks of Buying Counterfeit Bearings and How to - NSKA major cause of this frustration is due to the fact that these distributors know that counterfeit suppliers have likely made much more profit on the transactions than 

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